In addition to their weekly major courses, students have the option of participating in cultural workshop outside the classroom.
Participants of the SpainBcn Summer Programs for College and University students can enrol (before they arrive in Barcelona or once they are here) in some of the workshops that will be offered during their program with us. Enrollment in these workshops is optional. Courses will start when there are at least 5 participants interested. These are some of the most sucessful ....!

Introduction to Flamenco Dance and Music

Our teachers are professional Flamenco dancers ("bailadores"). Our professional Flamenco dancers and teachers will show to the group how to do some basic theatrical choreographies. Dancers have to follow the instructions to the rousing beat of music known"Sevillanas" and "Alegrías", some of the most popular Spanish Music...The purpose of our "Flamenco Class and exhibition is to have lots of fun dancing, dressing, moving and feeling as a Flamenco dancer does. The particpants will have also a great time taking pictures all of them dressed with the traditional Flamenco costumes and accessories at the end of the course!

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Starting a business here

You will learn whatever you need to create and start your business in Barcelona. Our teachers will introduce you to the Spanish market and the laws and local regulations. Learn the ins and outs of how to deal with the Administration. Also, you will be familiarized about how to satisfy to the Spanish consumer. This course will help you avoid unexpected surprises when submitting documents, paying fees, meeting deadlines and dealing with government requirements.

Digital Photography

No knowledge of Spanish is required for the digital photography workshop. Together with a professional photographer you will visit the most photogenic places lookouts, analyze the modern and historical architecture and tour some of the many parks of Barcelona looking for the best shots. Whether you are interested in the artistic or technical side of photography, this photography workshop will definitely help you become a an even better photographer. Expand your knowledge of the principles and applications of digital photography as an artistic medium. Classes emphasize visual concepts, as well as image capture and camera functions. Important topics covered include the manipulation of camera settings, controls, lighting, and exposure. If you are interested in street art and photography this is for you!

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