Competitive Swimming
Summer Program in Barcelona
SpainBcn Swimming & Spanish/Cultural Program in Barcelona is designed for competitive swimmers who desire to keep practicing while they are in Spain enjoying a complete cultural program, improving their level of Spanish and visiting all about the beautiful city of Barcelona.
SpainBcn Programs in Barcelona offers you the opportunity to swim in a professional Swimming Club in the Barcelona together with Spanish boys and girls who are trained all year round at professional levels. The pool is located within a nice and complete fitness center that includes gymnasium, sauna and cardio-vascular training equipment.You can also choose to swimm less hours per week and attend more hours of Spanish Course instead.The great location of the SpainBcn Language School in most tourist part of the city, in the center of l’Eixample, the heart of the Modernist Art District and a variety of interesting cultural activities and excursions will give you the chance to really get to know all about Barcelona.

PARTICIPANTS: Co/ed from 18 years old with a very good or high level of swimming. At the Swimming Club our students are mixed with the Spanish swimmers who are being trained at high level all year round.
Swimmers are organized by the swimming club professional coaches and placed into the right group of swimmers according to their level.

At the SpainBcn Spanish Language School, students are placed in the right class according to the level of Spanish. Spanish Classes are organized for small groups, around 6 to 8 students. DURATION OF THE PROGRAM: Participants can enroll for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

programs for groups of all ages, customized to your needs or requests.
Swimmers will be coached by highly trained coaches. Emphasis will be placed on the swimming strength and stamina that will be required in upper level swim workouts. Generally, 40% of class time will be used on technique drills with 60% of the time used for workout sets. Several aspects of high level performance are covered, including also diet, mental strategies, strength training, flexibility, etc.

The SpainBcn Swimming & Spanish Summer Program offers to competitive swimmers to improve their stroke technique, starts and turns, and overall performance. Participants can have 2 or 3 or 4 weekly sessions of different intensities and different objectives. Strenuous exercise will be a part of this program, so please make sure you are prepared or willing to make the effort.

The activities, guided viists, tours and excursions scheduled in the daily cultural program are different every week so those participants who enroll for more than one week see different things and do different activities each week of their program. Swimmers will join the Cultural Programs In the afternoons from 4 pm. to 7:30 pm (or after the Swimming practice, according to your schedule) , Monday through Friday.
The Cultural program includes a complete and fun variety of guided visits, entrances to the best museums of Barcelona, guided Historical routes, guided walks to the nicest areas of the city, etc. that are different every day and every week of the program.
The Spanish teachers accompany the students during all the excursions included in the program. Transportations to do the cultural activities and entrances to the museums included.
Students are organized in small groups of 8 students aprox. with similar level of Spanish. All new participants will take a test the first day to be placed with the right group. All learning material need for the classes is provided at school and included in the program. Certificate of Studies at the end of the program (upon request).
The Spanish teachers organize the groups and classes on Mondays, according to the new students who join the class and who will be placed with the right level.
The summer program also includes excursion to the beach and 1 Day Excursions on Saturdays to visit other intersting locations on the Mediterranean coast. Excursions are different each week. The excursion on Saturdays are optional so you can decide to have them included in your program or not.

You will have a memorable experience and a many stories to share with your friends and family when you return home... In a few years, the medals and ribbons will be laid aside and best times will be a memory but the friendships that will develop and the life skills learned will carry on for a lifetime.

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