SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
SpainBcn-Programs is a total immersion Spanish language school in the heart of Barcelona. We are located at the very center of the city, less than 5 minutes by foot from Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas, the most famed touristic locations in the city. Furthermore, our location in the exclusive residential area of Passeig de Gracia places some of the most important works of Antonio Guadi, the internationally renowned architect, just around the corner. At the SpainBcn Spanish school in Barcelona, we offer not only the opportunity to learn the Spanish language, but also allow students to participate in many social activities. This means that for some students, focus can be squarely placed on learning about our beautiful and culturally rich country. Our Spanish courses are designed to quickly develop fluency in the Spanish language for both individual students and groups of all ages and levels of experience. Spanish language tutoring, language exchange opportunities, cultural immersion activities.

SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona offers quality Study Abroad Summer Programs in Barcelona for College, University and incoming students, individuals or groups. Our quality Spanish & Liberal Arts Summer Programs in Barcelona combine Sport Camps, social, workshops + Interships. Our professional staff, including those in counseling (former students) share a commitment to provide excellent service to students. All of then are experts in their fields and they are all enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with you. You will have access to many extra features, such as on-site support and academic counseling, social activities and meetings.

ABOUT THE SpainBcn Directors:
Born, raised, and educated in Barcelona, Miriam and Maria Angeles met while earning their law degrees at the University of Barcelona. Living and working in Barcelona, they soon decided to found the SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona in 1997 in order to share their wonderful city with students around the world. To this day, SpainBcn is still their personal project, and they feel proud of making it one of the best foreign student experiences in the world. Everyday, you can find them working at the SpainBcn school to ensure every student has the best possible experience. By carefully nurturing and focusing on the SpainBcn school for over 15 years, they assure their students the best learning experience Spain has to offer.

What they say: "Spain is an incomparable place to visit and Barcelona is a wonderful city, full of beautiful things, with many interesting places to see and many fun things to do... A successful stay in a new place depends on good organization and knowledge of the country, culture and language. We are daily at SpainBcn working to make your program and your experience in Barcelona with us a success. We'll be happy to meet you soon in Barcelona!"

SpainBcn-Programs Spanish teachers and coordinators are all native Spanish speakers with a University degree and professional Spanish teaching experience. They choose to work with us because they want to help foreign students not only learn Spanish, but also come to love our wonderful city. All teachers have extensive experience in teaching Spanish to non-native Spanish speakers, and have received special training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Over the years, we have developed our own learning material, provided at the school, which can be tailored to each student’s level.
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Barcelona has a rich history since it was originally a Roman Settlement. The centre of the city - Barri Gothic - is formed from a Roman village, tight-knit alleys, squares and charming cheek-by-jowl buildings. Located outside Barri Gotic is a civilized grid of avenues, Eixample, cut through by the Diagonal. The city is bordered by the hills that ring Barcelona, and of course the Mediterranean Sea.
Our study program will take you through history via onsite visits where history took place!
Barcelona is also famous for Gaudi, Dali, Miro and Picasso. The most famous building in Barcelona (Antoni Gaudí's dream) is surely Sagrada Familia, still under construction since 1882. The Olympics were staged in Barcelona in 1992 and provided a legacy of good contemporary architecture with many buildings by famous architects.

SpainBcn-Summer Programs in Barcelona offer a diversity of opportunities that combine Scholastic Programs (Language, Liberal Arts, History, Architecture), Sports Programs (Soccer, Tennis, Swimming and Basketball) & Workshops (Flamenco, Cooking, Art, etc.) Our fantastic College, University and incoming students' programs combine Sport Camps, social meetings and activities, intensive Spanish and Liberal Arts programs. If you prefer to practice your favourite sport while in Barcelona, professional Soccer training camps, Tennis Camp, Swimming practice and Basketball can be combined with your summer program.

* Community Service is an important factor to college & universities.
International community service is also a valuable hands-on learning experience in creating global citizens of tomorrow.
Our community service programs include: help to the needed, visits to hospitals, schools and more... 
* Workshops - (Check which are the options available during your dates of stay in Barcelona with us).
* Flamenco exhibitions for groups- Taught by professional dancers customized for groups.
Learn to do the famous dance is known for it’s emotional intensity, proud carriage,
expressive use of arms rhythmic stamping of feet that originated in Spain in the 16th century.
*Spanish Cooking classes: From paella to tortilla
you will learn how to cook (and eat!) the best of Spain’s Mediterranean cuisine.

WHO ATTEND OUR SUMMER PROGRAMS: SpainBcn College Summer Programs are, for the most part, designed for undergraduate credit. College sophomores, juniors, seniors or precollege are generally eligible . While a minimum age of 18 years is a frequent requirement, in some programs, freshmen or recent high school graduates will also be considered, given sufficient maturity and academic background. Graduate students are enrolling in increasing numbers.

College groups, University students and incoming students arriving to Spain through Barcelona. All those interested in learning Spanish, making friends from around the worls, interested in joining Sport Camps and friendlies. Also those who would like to learn and enjoy a Flamenco class (for all levels and ages) with professional Flamenco dancers in Barcelona.... Join us next summer!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us!