Complete your fun and cultural experience in Barcelona with a fantastic Flamenco Program that will include
a Flamenco "fiesta", a fun Flamenco Class and exhibition with our professional Flamenco dancers.
All of you dressed with the traditional Flamenco costums!

The Flamenco teachers show to the group how to do some basic theatrical choreographies and the group has to follow the instructions with the vibrating music "Sevillanas" and "Alegrías", some of the most popular Spanish Music...

The class and exhibition is from 2 to 2:30 hours long and it can be organized any day of the week. Saturday and Sundays are the more convenient days as our teachers can be more available.

Contact us and let us know your group size and dates of stay in Barcelona, we will send you a budget.

Then choose your time and book your day to enjoy a fun Flamenco Program in Barcelona!!

The purpose of our "Flamenco Fiesta/Class" is to have lots of fun dancing, dressing, moving and feeling as a Flamenco dancer does. Dancers will have also a great time taking pictures all of them dressed with the traditional Flamenco costumes and accessories!

Our teachers are professional Flamenco dancers ("bailadores").

There will be 1 or 2 (depending on the group size) "dance coordinators" that will help the dancers to get dressed to follow the teachers instructions and with the translation if needed.

Our Flamenco Programs are only organized for groups.
We suggest a minimum group of 8 dancers to have fun. And it is possible to organize a Flamenco Program for a group up to 24 dancers.

All levels, al ages.
At SpainBcn we'll have everything ready for a great Flamenco "fiesta-class": professional Flamenco dancers, traditional Flamenco dresses (all sizes) and accessories and great music. Spanish tapas and drinks can be served for your group according to your preferences. Let us know...And don't forget to bring your camaras!

Email us, book a day for your group program and have fun!!

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